1. Severed

From the recording Opposite, In Fact

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Vocals: Dean Bonsignore
Guitars: Austin Collins
Bass guitar: Steve Castania Jr
Drums: Erik Samuelsen


Broken bruised and beaten, inside my head
Oh the things you taught me, while left for dead

I was angry, and frightened and running on empty
Believing the convictions of all that's around me
Denying confusion and waiting for endings
This hatred and loathing can never be mended

I've been...Severed

You got in the way again, even after you stole
Another chance to tempt me, another trip down your road

A second coming, is what you brought me
But somehow, I knew it was shit that you'd give me
And almost believing the lies hat you told me
The angles above me, is what i feel saved me

You've been...Severed

Oh how...how you beat me
Oh my, the scars you left me...
But now...I've learned to love me
So now...it's time to leave this behind.


Weve been...Severed