From the recording Opposite, In Fact

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Vocals: Dean Bonsignore
Guitars: Austin Collins
Bass guitar: Stave Castania Jr


Full speed ahead,
I got nothing to lose,
Got a tank full of gas, got the pedal to the floor
Pack of smokes and a bottle of booze

You can't touch me

On this road there are no curves
As I hit the speed of sound and smell the rubber burn
The overdrive locks, I feel adrenaline rage
Got a reckless sense of passion and a targetless range

You can't touch me

No warnings to ignore
All signals green so far
Nerves of steel
Holds my grip to the wheel

Now alone in the stretch cause I left 'em in the smoke behind
Got a fury full of fire as I near upon the finish line
Got a heart beating triumph and a self awarded reverency
With a roar as loud as thunder I claim my victory