1. For You

From the recording Live! At The Delancey

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Vocals: Dean Bonsignore
Guitars: Austin Collins
Bass guitar: Steve Castania Jr
Drums: Erik Samuelsen


I guess I saw it coming the end before the start
I never know the reason I let things fall apart
Never wanted this to happen, I swear I loved you so
Can you help me find the reason, as to why I let you go

Be my sunshine, be my light
Be my vision in the dark of the night
The dark of the night

Let me take it all back, I'll take any blame you have
And I'll write this happy ending if you give me half a chance
Never meant to falter, didn't want to be your past
If you let us be a future, on the dead I'll make it last

Be my sunshine, be my light
Be my vision in the dark of night
Let this happen, let this last
Don't send me off as a forgotten past

My Beatrice is gone cause I pushed her away
And I'll wear the blame to my very last day
The heavens I reached for, with you by my side
All now mean nothing now nor does this life
Cause you were you are will always remain
The star that I reach for and this I proclaim
I pray that you hear this, and know I'm sincere
If you ever return, I'll be waiting right here for you

For you...