From the recording Live! At The Delancey

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Vocals: Dean Bonsignore
Guitars: Austin Collins
Bass guitar: Steve Casania Jr
Drums: Erik Samuelsen


Mother Mary have you lied to me
Gave me visions you won't let me see
Walls and curtains that you hide behind
I learned to see, while you tried to blind

You tried to knock me down
Round by round
But never once my darling
Did I hit the ground

Tables turned now, I rose above
No more mistaken your hate for love
Chains release me, no longer bound
I laugh the loudest at this strength I found

And, now I'm me
For the world to see
There's no mistake, your prison set me free

Like the phoenix, I come alive
From firery ashes, my soul survives

Watch me fly...
Watch me fly...
Watch me fly...
Watch me fly...