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"Their sound is like hard-boiled fiction literature meets what would be considered neo-noir western fiction, communicated through sheet music.   Huggy Bear is somewhere, with his eyes on Pam Grier… Tom Selleck is standing in front of his bathroom mirror in Southern California present day, admiring his moustache, reminiscing about Quigley Down Under.  Timothy Olyphant is pondering on where his next ideal leading role will come from, while Severed plays in the background of a whiskey saloon somewhere in Kentucky.  Elmore Leonard is looking down fondly, smiling at all that’s happening.  That’s the music."

"I wish these boys here lots of fortune.  They’re all passionate multi-instrumentalists, honest musicians, and most importantly, they’ve got some memorable tunes.  New York’s a good breeding ground for this sort of thing I guess.  It’s the sort of place where a lone wolf guitarist can randomly connect with two longtime friends, and utilize the internet to instantly secure a missing link bass player to form a band with a genuine sound.  Bull’s-eye."

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